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About Oily Skin

Oily skin can be difficult. It can feel like no matter what you do it simply gets worse, and at the worst possible times. All it takes is a little understanding to properly manage the oil levels in your skin and get it under control.

Oily skin is caused by the production of Sebum. This is a waxy substance excreted from sebaceous glands found in the pores of your skin. These glands are particularly active in skin around the face, shoulders and back and its purpose is to lubricate and waterproof the skin. It might sound menacing but Sebum actually plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin. By covering it with a thin film, sebum disperses Vitamin E across the top layers of the skin. Once in place, it acts as a protective barrier from any harsh external elements.  

Sebaceous Glands

This layer is the first line of defense for the skin. Infection becomes more likely and water loss more frequent without it. Common pollution from wind and rain is kept from entering our pores. In the heat Sebum emulsifies with sweat. What appears on our face is hydrophobic and the sweat itself becomes difficult to remove. This ultimately reduces the process of dehydration by retaining water. It simultaneously creates a cooling layer for these parts of our body so exposed to the sun, heat and dirt. The benefits may be double, and fresh dewy skin is an easy effect to achieve with oily skin.

However, this does not mean you can leave oily skin to equalize itself. There are some equally damaging results if oily skin is not helpfully nurtured. Some easy fixes, like wiping skin harshly with paper or using a mattifying make-up, are temporary solutions. Ultimately, they work short term and never succeed in sustaining a healthy appearance long term. Oily skin can be caused by factors such as stress and hormonal changes. To get the best out of your skin, and to keep it healthy for longer, a specific and regular skin care routine must be developed to suit your personal needs.

The process by which Sebum is excreted is through the rupturing of cells found within the sebaceous glands. Together, these dead cells are released through the pores and onto the surface, where they disintegrate. At the same time they regenerate at the source. The cycle then repeats itself. When these cells cycle too often an over-production of Sebum can occur. They erupt and replenish so quickly the active sebum has no time to dissolve before more appears on the surface.

Common Blackheads

When dead skin cells are not removed, follicles become clogged. Blockages occur as a camedo. These blemishes can appear as blackheads, being open to oxidization or whiteheads, which are under closed skin. Some skin products and greasy hair products inflame outbreaks by clogging pores further. It is important to clear dead skin regularly. Allowing pores to breath is the most important measure you can make in reducing lumps and bumps. It might come as no surprise then that these areas of the face, neck and back are the trouble areas for acne.

Don't squeeze it! Squeezing causes permanent visual damage.

Resist the urge to pick! It seems like a great solution, and somewhat satisfying, but the trauma it causes can do more damage than intended. The bacteria left on your hands may spread, only increasing the amount of infections. Overuse of beauty products such as cleansers, exfoliates and face cleaning brushes can damage the skin equally. Skin will respond almost immediately to Eve’s gentle purging of blackheads and clogged pores and its detoxing and normalizing actions. The lather created by the Eve Bar acts as a gentle exfoliate. Being free of any hard and gritty textures, dead skin is washed away without being caused any harmful irritation.

The next step is to replenish the skin. It is not enough to regulate oily skin by removing the oils and hoping the skin will equalize. Alcoholic products not only strip away oils but nutrients entirely. The skin is left desolate. The natural tendency for it is to then overcompensate for what it has lost by producing more Sebum, which ends with the same detrimental results to the skin.

Gentle & powerful EVE works naturally to balance your oily skin.

Moisturizing is about revitalizing the skin with what is lost through the process of cleansing. Vitamin C, a major source of nutrients for the skin, actively fights infection. It is highly concentrated within the immune system, and plays an active roll in the synthesis of naturally occurring collagen. The structural components of collagen re-establish elastin within the skin making it look and feel younger.

Ideally, you want to have the benefits of oily skin without the shining appearance of a wax statue. The Eve bar contains many intelligent ingredients rich in anti-oxidants. They are great for applying directly to the skin. As mentioned before, hormonal changes, stress and diet can also affect the balance within the skin. After establishing a healthy skincare routine from the outside, it helps to have a healthy and diverse intake of different fruits and vegetables for what’s inside. A healthy lifestyle used in conjunction with a consistent and caring routine will make it easier to maintain the glow you’re after. After all, less is more.

Fresh, clear skin makes you confident!


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